Customer order dishes on the big screen system

Customer order dishes by scanning QR code

Waiter order dishes on the mobile app system

Mobile app takeout system for customer

Wechat takeout system for customer

Omni-channel, Cross Platform

Integrate the functions of Wechat members, Wechat ordering, App waiter ordering, App customer ordering, large screen self-service ordering system and so on. Support Android and IOS mobile applications.

Scope of Application

It is suitable for those who have branches and need centralized management, such as McDonald's, KFC, Food Square, Chain Restaurant, Western Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Milk Tea Shop, Fast Food Shop, etc.

Support QSR and FSR

Provide two POS interfaces and management processes, while supporting QSR - quick service restaurant, and FSR - full service restaurant. Support dual screen POS machine, kitchen printing and other hardwares.

Pos Operation

Both touch screen input and bar code input can be used. The printing format of tickets can be customized, can be one dish one ticket, can also be one customer one ticket.

Front-end and Back-end Consistent

Touch screen, kitchen printing, settlement, membership card and background purchase, sale, storage, chain distribution, processing, cost analysis, business analysis and a series of functions, process coherence.

Promotion and Commission

Statistics can be collected according to the cashier's statistics, and the sales figures will be calculated according to the salesperson's statistics. A variety of promotional management, support buy-one-get-one-free, second half-price, mixed promotion and at least ten kinds of promotional management.

Vip Card and Deposit Card

It supports a variety of membership cards and stored value cards, and can be used in real time in all chain stores. Support WeChat membership system.

Cooking Method

For customers with special requirements to provide processing, such as heating, spicy, processing can be charged or not charged.