Features of our software
• As one of the earliest management software based on Microsoft. NET technology in mainland China, Startnet series of management software has single computer version, intranet version and new generation of internet version. Since it's put into use, we have clients across the world. They appreciate the software.
• Developed based on Microsoft. NET remote technology, our software can be used by the head quarter and all the branches simultaneously, which is in accordance with the trend of "distributive business, concentrative management.
• Its purview is strictly managed, which shows that the headquarter gives authority to the branches to operate ,monitor and manage the branches.
• A distribution (chain) procedure will cover the head quarter, branch companies and branch stores, so that the head quarter and other distribution bodies can share information and cooperate to reduce costs incurred.
• Perform high speed on network, and servers that can support numerous work station, it is almost the same to run our software in the internet like running it in intranet in terms of the result.
• Large database like MS SQL Server and Oracle are supported. Quick access to the data, huge storage and reliable are also the features.
• Developed based on the Microsoft.NET Framework, the system is stable.
• Company instant message communication software inside, our unique "enterprise informing functions" (for example, auditing instant notice, warehouse reception instant notice, distribution transfer instant notice and so on.) and network driven to coordinate and make sure efficient operation of the whole company.
• It has a clear business operation procedure. Bills of all the business operations can be connected and managed. Order, purchase, out stock, audition can be done using the bill's selection. Managerial procedures are standardized.
• The printing format of the bills and auditing report can be adjusted by the users. All charts can be imported to Excel and then adjusted to print.
• Supported by TCP/IP transmission agreements, XML data exchange standards, the server supports active IP internet connection.
• Multi-languages version: Simultaneously support simplified Chinese version, traditional Chinese version, English version, Spanish version and other languages.

Product Introduction
Developed by the advanced Microsoft.net technology,this series of Startnet software is beyond the E-business, Management software and Mobile Terminal field.Multi-Language version is also provided.