Startnet Multi-Language software
• It provides simplified Chinese version, traditional Chinese version, English version and Spanish version simultaneously. The mixed language interface applies to the multinational enterprise which has distribution chain stores. For example, some workstations are in Chinese, some are in English and some are in Spanish are available .The data can be shared by all the stations.
• Supported by Microsoft.NET Framework technology of Multi-Language version, combined with Windows, Startnet Multi-Language software shows its superiority.
• Developed based on Microsoft .NET Globalization technology. Multi-Language software supports multi-area, multi-language, mixed language interface and multi-time formats, such as yyyy-mm-dd, mm-dd-yyyy, dd-mm-yyyy .
• Startnet software applies the advanced.NET remote technology, transnational and cross-area technology, and it's based on Multicast Routing Protocol. The satisfactory effects are achieved through much client practices.
• Using Unicode kernel, interface can be displayed in non-native language windows correctly. For example, simplified Chinese display in traditional Chinese windows, traditional Chinese display in simplified Chinese windows, Spanish display in English windows.
• It can connect to SQL database of non-native language version. For example, English version can be shared by client in Chinese, in English and in Spanish. Cross time zone operations between server and client is supported.
• It has the same powerful function with Startnet Distribution Chain.NET software and Startnet POS.NET software. The operation manual in English is supported.
• The smart client install package which support Multi-languages is available. It is easy to install.
Product Introduction
Developed by the advanced Microsoft.net technology,this series of Startnet software is beyond the E-business, Management software and Mobile Terminal field.Multi-Language version is also provided.