Startnet Distribution .NET software
1 Unique Function
• It is a real distribution system. The unique system architecture supports management on several independent accounts and dependent accounts in one account set or in another account set.
• Chain store POS system with its own finance software is unique. Our company has developed finance software which conforms to newly accounting system independently. Generating accounting vouchers from business document makes accounting more correctly and reasonable.
• Mobile terminal: advanced cross-platform technology, supporting smart phone, PDA and other mobile devices by Bluetooth printing and network printing, to make business smoothly everywhere even there is no broadband or no computer. To achieve mobile sales, mobile POS, mobile check goods, moving stock-take and so on.
• Powerful online business application: online mall business, online shopping business, online sales orders, online sales invoice and online member inquiring are supported. Data and basic information can be shared by software and company sites. Software and sites are supported with one another. Lower cost and more convenient in using.
• Simultaneously support simplified Chinese version, traditional Chinese version, English version, Spanish version and other languages.
2. Distribution Function
• Multi-level distribution structure is supported.
• Internet real-time connection: Client computers can use any network connections. The server supports active IP internet connection.
• Supports different price for different branches, different products for different branches, different vendors for different branches, different customers for different branches, they are separated and independent. On the other hand, products, price, suppliers, customers and other information can be shared by different branches. Users own definite authority to manage the basic information flexibly.
• All kinds of distribution operations are supported: distribution procedures like "purchased by head quarter while distributed by branches", "purchased by head quarter which branches directly orders and sales", or "head quarter directly sales to parts of the clients" can be handled.
• Auto-supplementation, auto-distribution and auto-ordering are in line with each other: branches automatically generate supplementation bills, and the head quarter will automatically distribute it and generate purchase order if there is any leftovers. Distribution will take place again when products are pursed and check in. operations go well in line with each other.
• Defined business process, Correlative Control Mechanism in business documents and stock appropriation of departments. Integrated operation on menu, to handle ordering, selling, stock-outing and settling simply, process management normalization.
• Collection management on delivery of logistics is supported
• The direct purchase and direct sales are supported to meet the needs of distribution business.
• Business process is customization. Different organizations with different business processes are supported.
• Sales planned tasks management: which can manage purchase plans and sales plans of all the distribution channels. Execution of the plans can be inquired anytime. Planned tasks show its power especially when it comes down to multiple branches and multiple organizations purchase and sales.
• Price management: which can be used to preset auto-registration of retail price, cost, member price, whole sale price suppliers' price of the products and client sales price. Prices of all the branches can be managed by the Headquarter or by the branches. It supports standard price for all the branches or different price or discounts for different branches.
• Branches warehouse management: which can be used to set up multiple warehouse accounting and give out alerts when the branch warehouse reaches the minimum or maximum limits. Storage of the branches can be accessed anytime, and users can check out products as well.
• Perfect and particular purview management is specially designed for distribution system.
• Internet application functions: group emails to all the clients, potential clients, distributors, suppliers, member (VIP); internal notice; auto-upgrading; shut down the server using remote technology.
3. Essential business function
• Multiple functions integrated, such as procurement, sales, distribution, retail, customer management, channel management, inventory, delivery, finance, treasury and OA.
• Ordering business: purchase order management, sales order management, order execution following up.
• Centralization of settlement can improve capability of management.
• Supports two cost accounting methods: average, first in first out. Branches accounting is also supported.
• All kinds of membership cards function are provided, including member price, member discount, member single credit rewards, member accumulated purchase discount, member debit cards and others. Member consumption can be inquired. Members can purchase without the cards.
• Complete debit card management functions, including initiation, value installing, distribution, inquiry and so on. By using Startnet distribution instant online technology, value installed cards can be used in any chain store any time.
• Realize the Integrated Management of business data and financial data by combining with Startnet accounting software. It may also generate U8 accounting vouchers by combining with UFERP.
• Flexible bar codes exporting, direct printing and tags printing bundle functions inside, which make a wilder application of bar codes.
• The perfect combination of Startnet and Excel .The printing format of the bills and auditing report can be adjusted by the users. All charts can be imported to Excel and then adjusted to print.
Product Introduction
Developed by the advanced Microsoft.net technology,this series of Startnet software is beyond the E-business, Management software and Mobile Terminal field.Multi-Language version is also provided.