Startnet Chain Pos .NET software
1. Unique Function
• The most powerful function of Membership card inside. The system supports integrated membership card operation which includes initiation, distribution, value installing, consumption, integral, discount and cancel, also statistical report, IC card, magnetic card and barcode card.
• The Chain store POS system with its own finance software is unique. Our company has developed finance software which conforms to newly accounting system independently. Generating accounting vouchers from business document makes accounting more correctly and reasonable.
• Mobile terminal: advanced cross-platform technology, supporting smart phone, PDA and other mobile devices by Bluetooth printing and network printing, to make business smoothly everywhere even there is no broadband or no computer. To achieve mobile sales, mobile POS, mobile check goods, moving stock-take and so on.
• Powerful online business application: online mall business, online shopping business, online sales orders, online sales invoice and online member inquiring are supported. Data and basic information can be shared by software and company sites. Software and sites are supported with one another. Lower cost and more convenient in using.
• Simultaneously support simplified Chinese version, traditional Chinese version, English version, Spanish version and other languages.
2. Collection
• It applies advanced remote technology, designed for chain stores
1)It applies Microsoft.NET remote technology to POS system. Based on TCP/IP transport protocols and XML format standard, with a fast running speed on internet, it can be installed to any places where internet reaches, and it's specially designed for chain retail management. All data from the chain stores will be collected simultaneously, group stored to ensure accurate, safe and reliable.
2)On one hand, collection can be supported in real-time network ; On the other hand, data will be automatically saved in local computer when the network is disconnected, and then they will be uploaded automatically when the network is connected again.
3) Prices in different branch stores can be managed either by the headquarter or by each store itself. Prices can be standardized for all the stores, or different stores can have different prices, or different stores can have different discount.
• Supports plenty of hardware
Most popular bar coded scanners, POS printers, money box, LED display screens, electric scale, handheld mobile devices, IC card readers, magnetic card readers and other POS hardware devices are supported.
• Consummate POS operation functions
1) The operations of keyboard, mouse and touch screen are completely supported. It is easy to learn and to use.
2) Printing format of receipt can be adjusted by user. Printing after Collection or one by one printing are supported so as to increase business operation speed.
3) Other functions related to collection are provided, for example, machine lock, bills holding, bills picking, bills re-generating, membership cards, single product discount, whole deal discount, discount on discount, change elimination, hand over, card and money mixed collection and so on.
4) One product with several codes, one code used by several products are available. Multiple packing (measurement units) is supported.
5) A variety of promotional discounts ways are supported, for example, present and exchange.
6) Card operations are supported, for example, membership cards and reserve cards. Using Startnet simultaneous online technology, membership cards and reserve cards can be used in all the chain stores at the any time.
7) Receiving can be added up cashier by cashier. Sales can be added up and commission can be calculated operator by operator.
• Not only did the traditional retail business be supported, but more new business functions such as company group purchase, tourist party shopping, unpaid debts, regular settlement and others. It will help to develop more business and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.
• Strict authority management
Authority can be defined by cashier or store manager. Authority setting is clear and thorough and it can be controlled by the head quarter so that the whole retail network can work efficiently while under effective monitory.
3.Management system
• Advance remote technology
It applies Microsoft.NET remote technology. It can be installed to any places where internet reaches, and it's specially designed for chain retail management. All data from the chain stores will be collected simultaneously, group stored to ensure accurate, safe and reliable. and it will provide the managers and decision makers of the company with instant and accurate information support.
• Powerful retail management functions are provided. Including purchase, inventory, distribution chain, consignment, retail, finance, treasury, OA and a series of functions.
• Branch store accounting
Based on the headquarter and branch stores as the basic managerial units, with all newly designed software functions, it is different from traditional software designing methods which sets just the whole company as the basic managerial unit, so as to make stores accounting clear .
• Flexible bar codes exporting, direct printing and tags printing bundle functions inside, which make a wilder application of bar codes.
• Excel integration technology, flexible reports
Printing format of bills and auditing reports can be adjusted by users. Reports are flexible, featuring usefulness and comprehensiveness. All charts can be imported to Excel and then adjusted to print.
• Delivery management
1)Stores can manually or automatically generate supplement products application.
2)Headquarter distribution can handle all kinds of distribution methods, like, "headquarter purchases, checks in, accounts and distributed to branches" or "headquarter purchases, branches checks in and headquarter accounts" etc.
3)Auto-supplementation, auto-distribution and auto-ordering are in line with each other: branches automatically generate supplementation bills, and the headquarter will automatically distribute it and generate purchase order if there is any leftovers. Distribution will take place again when products are pursed and check in. operations go well in line with each other.

Product Introduction
Developed by the advanced Microsoft.net technology,this series of Startnet software is beyond the E-business, Management software and Mobile Terminal field.Multi-Language version is also provided.